Frequently Asked Questions


I have lost my parking citation, how do I pay without my citation number?

If the citation was issued by Republic Parking, we can look up your citation information with the license plate number, the VIN number, or the registered owner’s name. Visit the Contact page for the telephone or office contact information.

I received a parking citation but no longer own the vehicle, am I still responsible for the parking citation?

Yes, if you were the registered owner at the time the vehicle was cited, you are responsible. If you can provide proof of your release of liability that is filed with DMV, the citation will be removed and changed over to the new registered owner.

Can I request an extension on my citation?

Extensions may be granted on a case-by-case basis and are more commonly issued for correctable citations such as Expired Registration, Tab Missing, or License Plate Missing. Applicable laws apply to all parking citations.

Who can I speak to about my citation?

You can call Republic Parking to address any questions about your parking citation. You can also submit in writing your statement indicating why you believe the citation was issued in error by following the instructions on the back of your citation.

I want to contest my citation. What do I do?

Please submit your appeal electronically at Be sure to include a copy of the citation and any documents that support your statement (including pictures).


There is a vehicle parked illegally (in a red zone, a permitted area with no permit, in a No Parking zone; can the City come out and cite the vehicle?

Yes, if the vehicle is parked illegally the vehicle could be cited. You can call the 311 Call Center to report any parking violations.

The parking meter is broken, do I have to pay? What do I do? Will I receive a parking citation if I park there anyway?

If a meter is broken it is suggested that you park elsewhere. If there is a note on the meter you should be okay to park there without being cited. You could receive a citation if the meter has not been reported as having a problem. To report a broken meter, contact Republic Parking.

Do I have to pay for metered parking if I have valid Handicapped Placard?

Metered parking must be paid during the enforcement hours.

Do I have to pay when I come downtown after business hours?

Meters are free after 5 pm, Monday–Friday, and all day on the weekends.. Lot operating hours vary– check lot signs for hours and rates.

Why didn't I get change when paid the parking meter?

There are no refunds and no change given for meter transactions.